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Description Aqua air industries
Challenge Coating and insulating its diving-chamber fleet

When Aqua Air, a leading diving-equipment pro vider, was faced with the challenge of coating and insulating its diving-chamber fleet, they turned to Brand. We used a highly specialized blasting and coating system for the exterior and interior of the chambers to maintain the ambient temperature at all times and to with stand harsh weather conditions. The exterior of the chambers were abrastive blasted, coated with Polyurea to act as an insulating barrier, and finished with a Polyutherane system. The interior surfaces were coated with non-toxic protective lining to keep the interior atmosp here safe for the divers.

"With this project, Brand once again demonstrated both a deep understanding of specialized marine services, and an uncompromising commitment to quality."

Stacey Cruze,
Owner of Aqua Air Industries

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